James Bond is a famous character from those James Bond movies. New James Bond’s role was given to Daniel Craig, while other movie professionals became actors in the James Bond series. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is appreciated by many fans, that’s why there will be a new James Bond movie soon. Next James Bond movie will probably be released at the end of 2020.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies took James Bond, agent 007, to a completely new level. James Bond 2020 won’t be an exception as well. There won’t be any new James Bond actors, so we’re confident that films about James Bond will get a new best James Bond movie in no time. If it is your first James Bond movie, then we’re jealous!

If you think that you won’t understand the plot in the latest James Bond movie, don’t worry: there’s no need to watch previous Bond movies in order or search for a full James Bond movie list. If you wonder, how many James Bond movies are there, we can tell you that there are twenty-seven of them. If you’re new to the franchise, we really wish you to enjoy your first James Bond movie!

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